04 Feb

 Sanjeevani is not just a card but a lifeline for the patient and the patient's family. Sanjeevani number is a service model provided by Healthbarosa company.

                Sanjeevani number holds all your family details and health records with 16 digits numbers displayed on the card. There is a 10-digit phone number associated display on every card. You can contact the number 24/7 to get information on any hospital, surgery, Diagnostic test, and Radiology centers with market prices and discounts provided by them.

Admission to Discharge is a unique service provided by  Healthbarosa. Patients' families can relax without worrying about hospital procedures. HealthBarosa will assign a person to care for the patient from admission to Discharge. We also give a health update regularly to the patient's family.

 Note: Admission to Discharge is a paid service but only served to Sanjeevani number holders. 

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